Ivana Trampuš

Ivana Trampuš was born in 1979 in Doboj and completed her primary and secondary education in Munich. After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue further education in dental medicine and enrolled in the Dental Assistants-Continuing Education Programme in Munich, which she successfully completed in 1999. After that, she devoted herself to professional development in the field of dental hygiene and obtained the qualification of dental hygienist, also in Munich.

During her career, Ivana Trampuš continued to upgrade her knowledge and skills by participating in various professional seminars in the field of oral hygiene, prosthetics and surgery throughout Germany, England and Portugal. She has always been committed to providing the highest quality care to her patients.

In 2000, she joined the Ortoimplant DENTAL SPA team, where with her knowledge, dedication and kindness, she quickly became an indispensable part of the team, and today she is the ‘right hand’ of Dr Trampuš at every surgical procedure. During her career, she has distinguished herself as an expert who continuously improves herself and follows the latest trends and technologies in dental practice.

Some of the professional courses she attended include:
– Oral Rehabilitation: Combining Aesthetics and Function for Ideal Prosthetic Results Course, Lisbon (2010)
– Zygomatic CPD Course, London (2019)

What do patients say

Ivana Trampuš is known for her calmness and kindness towards her patients. Gentle, professional and accommodating, she is always ready to help and support patients during their dental experience. Her communicative skills and ability to focus patients on the positive aspects of dental care make her a valuable member of our dental team. She is kind and always ready to help, both patients and colleagues, and her ability to “read the mind” of Dr Trampuš during operative procedures makes her irreplaceable in the clinic.
Ortoimplant Dental Spa, Daniel Popović

Daniel Popović, singer, Slovenia

Dr Trampuš is an extraordinary man who immediately wins you over with his charisma, simplicity and positivity.
Zlatko Holetić

Zlatko Holetić, Croatia

One of the best decisions in my life was to entrust the care of my teeth to Dr Trampuš.

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